Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Crafts from the Heart

Hi, my name is Linda Pare. I live in Connecticut and have been a craftsperson since I was about 8 years old when my grandmother taught me how to sew. I was fascinated with the idea of taking raw materials and making them into a new object. That fascination has brought me to the world of online selling. I now sell my crafts on etsy.com under the name craftsfromtheheart. I am finding it difficult to find one art discipline to focus on though. I love gadgets which leads me to have every crafting gadget known to mankind. Because of this I feel an obligation to use what I have which leads me to creating lots of different things. I hope that is not a turnoff to my buyers. So far I think it is working out okay but not fantastic. I have a myspace, flickr, livejournal and microsoft office live account but I don't know if it all worth it sometimes. I know I spend a lot more time on the computer rather than my craftroom. Well here are my sites. I hope you can check them out and maybe purchase a thing or two.

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