Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yard Work

It is that time of year when our thoughts go to fixing up the outside of our homes. I think of purchasing shrubs and flowers and then think of how my husband is a maniac with his weed trimmer. He loves to go through like a tornado and cut down the items I just planted. He always tells me he can't tell the difference between a weed and a vital plant. UGH! I even put markers around them but those are ignored. So my dilemma is do I try it again this year and walk him around the yard and explaining each plant to him or do I give up and live with a "no color" yard?
Stay tuned ...

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

National Bingo Game Show

Well last night my family and I watched that new game show on ABC, the National Bingo Game. We printed our bingo cards off the internet and were prepared to win our millions. We were going to pay off the house, cover the college bills, and have fun money. Well believe it or not, we did not win a penny. Our dreams were squashed. We realized we wasted an hour sitting on the couch watching this show only to be left feeling empty.
I guess I can be happy that my family actually watched the same show in the same room for an hour and did not compete against each other. Rather, we were competing against a common enemy (the contestant) hoping we would hit bingo before she/he won the money or the car or the cruise. It is sad when we are rooting against others' fortunes in order for us to receive our own. I wonder what message I was sending to my children?
It is only a game, I know, but maybe next week we will just watch and root for the contestant rather than try to play against him/her. But then again....
Linda for all your online shopping needs.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Drunk Driving Paris

Drunk drivers suck. Do they think they are invincible? So many kill people everyday, many don't even get hurt themselves.
Paris Hilton is uber rich. Why does she not have a driver if she wants to go out and party all night? Why is she only getting 45 days. Is that going to teach her a lesson? I doubt it. Her parents should be jailed with her for raising a spoiled brat. If her mother wasn't so busy trying to get air time, she may have had time to teach her daughter right from wrong. As they say, money definitely does not buy happiness or brains but I guess it can get you out of trouble.

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Low Pay for substitute teachers

My blog today will be a rant. I am sorry for this rant but I need to vent and this will be the place for that today. I am a substitute teacher in Connecticut. In order for one to be a sub in Connecticut, one must have a college degree. For the achievement of receiving a college degree I am paid $70 a day. I work an average of 7 hours a day with a 25 minute lunch. That makes my pay $10 an hour. If I had not gone to college but I were a cashier or waitress I would make more than that in Connecticut. Why demand a substitute teacher have a college degree if you do not intend on paying him or her for education and experience.
I agree with the fact that substitute teachers should be college educated but I also believe they should be paid the wage of a college educated professional. I would think a parent would not accept any less. The sub pay should start at $20 and hour and go up from there. There are no other benefits involved so the school systems are paying us babysitter wages. Please let your boards of eds. know that you think sub pay should be increased and that you demand a high level of professionalism from the substitutes not just someone looking to fill their days with something to do.

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