Saturday, May 19, 2007

National Bingo Game Show

Well last night my family and I watched that new game show on ABC, the National Bingo Game. We printed our bingo cards off the internet and were prepared to win our millions. We were going to pay off the house, cover the college bills, and have fun money. Well believe it or not, we did not win a penny. Our dreams were squashed. We realized we wasted an hour sitting on the couch watching this show only to be left feeling empty.
I guess I can be happy that my family actually watched the same show in the same room for an hour and did not compete against each other. Rather, we were competing against a common enemy (the contestant) hoping we would hit bingo before she/he won the money or the car or the cruise. It is sad when we are rooting against others' fortunes in order for us to receive our own. I wonder what message I was sending to my children?
It is only a game, I know, but maybe next week we will just watch and root for the contestant rather than try to play against him/her. But then again....
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MEBDesigns said...

I have a friend who is convinced he is going to win the lottery....even though he has never bought a ticket! We are all optimists up until that very last moment....when the other guy gets the money! Thank goodness one can be happy without winning a jackpot!

Mama Trep said...

Hey, it can be all in good fun! It didn't cost you anything, just money for ink and paper, and you are right! You all sat in the same room for an hour! Just keep those times coming, because soon enough, the kids will be gone, or not want to spend any time with you!
Best Wishes from Mama Trep

Hear Me Roar! said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I notice we have the same background!

I didn't watch the bingo show, but I have to say I was personally a little sad to see that the host in the commercials was one of the designers from Extreme Home Makeovers. To go from doing so much good for people to being a Bingo caller seemed like a step down for me, even if he is the "star" of a tv show. Ugh. I'd rather be invisible and be a force of good for the world than be a famous tv game show host.

Bonny said...

Nothing better than family time! Sounds like it was fun to play and you got to spend some time all together!