Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Young men or Big boys?

Well my nineteen year old, "not sure what I am doing next semester," has just bounced his first check - that I know of. He says it is impossible he has been putting in money from his paycheck every week. "That bank is wrong!", he says. So I ask "Are you sure you are putting money in your checking account and not your savings account?" "Yes mom I always check checking on the deposit slip."

Ok so he checks the checking box on the slip but puts in the savings account number. Couldn't someone have caught this once and let him know? Argh. He is nineteen, he should be able to do this, but, as I said, is he a young man or a big boy?

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The chefs said...

Oof! I guess it's better to have this happen early in life!

Blessed said...


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