Thursday, November 8, 2007

Global warming and my Christmas shopping

It is the first week of November and our trees are still full of leaves. Usually by this timeof year, the yard would be full of leaves and we would have had our first few flurries. It is strange. I am not sure I believe in global warming being dire. I think it is probably part of the cycle of life but I do think something is happening.

Now, I think I know what if feels like for those that live in warm climates to celebrate Christmas. I used to get holiday cards from cousins in Florida that showed them dressed in Santa outfits but their outfits had short shorts. I could not understand how anyone could celebrate Christmas with green grass and green trees in their backyards.

Christmas for us in New England means snow, at least frost. I cannot begin my Christmas shopping unless we get a good hard freeze. It just would not seem right. How can I decorate my house if my hands are not freezing cold hanging wreaths and lights? The weatherman predicted snow for us tomorrow but has now reneged. It just is not fair I tell you.

I plan on buying handmade items for family and friends on the site on which I have a shop, but I need that little push of seeing a few flakes before I start.

How do those of you that do not see snow in the winter do it? How do you get the Christmas spirit? I need some inspiration. Help me. Send me your stories. Do you decorate your palm trees, do you use that fake snow on your windows?

I can't wait to see your comments. Help me!!

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MaryAnn said...

I fully understand your angst. I am in Maine. It is almost the middle of November and we are finally having cold weather. I worry about the bees and the natural cycles of things being affected by all of the use of pesticides and other toxic emissions. Wow this is not meant to be a downer comment. :) TO get into the spirit I bake cookies.


Cookies! That's the spirit. The smell of cookies always puts me in the holiday mood.