Monday, March 3, 2008

Oprah's Big Give

Do we really need another reality series which pits people against each other? Even though worthy people received lots of money, I found myself being embarrassed for them. The "players" became beggars for these people. Would it not be nicer to do this off air and just help these people some how? Does Oprah really need the income from this show to survive or is it an addition to an ego trip?
She and her fellow judges were on The Oprah Show and were gushing how inspiring this show was and it would help others realize how much we can all do to change lives. Well Oprah and fellow millionaires, believe it or not most of us do contribute to charities and volunteer in our communities. In fact, poor people are much more likely to give than are wealthy people. We do not need this type of exploitment to change the world.
I hope this show does not survive long.

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1 comment:

jewelstreet said...

I thought the same thing. I thought it was kind of a weird thing to have made into a tv show then to top it all off the "winner" gets money. Now who really thinks if this show lasts people interested in charity will be getting on?!