Thursday, October 2, 2008

The squeaky wheel gets the oil!

Last year, 2007, I decided to go for the Comcast Cable bundle package of internet, phone, and cable. The price was slightly higher than what I was paying with other providers but then I saw a chance for a $250 rebate if we went through So I though that would cover the increase for getting digital tv and a dvr.

I sent in the multitudes of originals and copies needed to comply with the rebate.

I called the company in June and was told my name was not on the "list" but that the rep. would add my name. Ok, one mistake, no big deal. I call back in July, well I am on the list but my name has not reached the top yet. I call back in August, oh it will probably be two more weeks. OK I am a patient person but I could see this was going nowhere. I started doing searches on the net and found many unhappy customers of this website. The website now actually points one to a real estate company.

So I decided to email my attorney general with a cc to my public utility control. Well the next day didn't I just get the sweetest call from my local cable provider apologizing profusely and telling me they would never use that website service again. They promised the credit would show up on my next bill. My public utility control rep. called to let me know when the credit arrives. If it is not on my next bill she will take it from here!

I love Connecticut. Thank you public servants.

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