Saturday, July 4, 2009

My blog is being ignored.

I have been very rude to my blog, I must admit. Now that face book and twitter have grown so large, I have been using them to save time. Today I have decided it is time to catch up on my first means of communication online.

I have purchased an embroidery machine. The salesperson could sell ice to eskimos. I bought a used Husqvarna Designer SE for about $2000, I guess they retail for $5000. Well the learning curve has been pretty huge for me but each day I make progress. I know I need to go for lessons to learn about digitizing and more complex features, but for now I am enjoying downloading designs from the net and making cute items from them.

You can see some in my etsy shops

What I did not anticipate was the amount of time it takes for one design to be created. Designs with lots of stitches can easily take over an hour. That would be fine if I could walk away and get other stuff done in the meantime, but you really have to stay close in case the bobbin runs out, it's time to change colors, needle breakage, etc.

I love the look of the finished products and I hope it all pays off in the end but for know it is all about learning, learning, learning :)


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