Friday, July 20, 2007

sew I am cranky, you would be too

It is hot an muggy where I live, there is no air conditioning in my craft room which is in the second floor of my cape home (attic). Do you see why I may be on the cranky side? Money is tight in the summer because I am a substitute teacher and do not get paid for summer vacation. I was hoping to fill in some income by selling my handmade treasures online but considering summer is a slow time for retail, this plan has not been one of my best. I do have the time to create things for the busier season which is good but getting through the summer when tax bills are do can sometimes make for some nail biters.
I guess we will be eating spaghetti a bit more often until the buyers come back. In the meantime I will be up in my craftroom with my cranky self.

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1 comment:

Cathy said...

oh, i feel for you! after 2 years on maternity leave, i've gone back to school as a substitute teacher as well... and not being paid during the holidays is definitely a bummer! (Scrap4U)