Monday, October 1, 2007

Desperate Housewives vs. Side Order of Life

Once again my husband and I are living in a house divided. What is causing this division? TV. My husband had to watch Desperate Housewives because of Eva Langoria (although he wouldn't admit that). I on the other wanted to watch a show with more substance, Side Order of Life.
At first glance Side Order seems it may be as trivial as DH but there is so much more there. They have all the pretty faces but the characters are so 3 dimensional that I can feel empathy with them and care which direction the show takes them.
How did we solve this dilemma? I watched in the bedroom, husband in the living room. As is turns out we both were flipping between the shows. Doing so strengthened my decision to watch Side order and he agreed it was the better show. Cool. maybe we won't be a house divided any more.
Back to creating.

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