Thursday, January 3, 2008

Landline vs. Cell Phones

So evidently today's youth do not realize that using a landline phone is not the same as a cell phone. Case in point, my average landline phone bill runs around $45. Since my son starting dating a girl who lives in another state my phone bill has been over $200. He says, "Don't we have free nights and weekends?" Um no! That is on cell phones where we already pay over $100 per month for service.

Now who should be responsible for this bill? My almost 20 year old for just not thinking or knowing such things or me for not educating him. Mind you, these calls are all placed after midnight and were over 3 hours long. If I had known this was happening I would have put an end to it immediately. I guess for this one time I will have to cover it but he better have learned from his mistakes.

Each generation is growing up with such different technology it is hard to keep up and make sure both the youth and the "elders" are educated on how each works and the finances involved.
I am now in the process of switching to a service that provides unlimited long distance calling. I hope this helps the pocketbook or as the younger generation would say the ATM card.

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Dharma Designs said...

20 and living at home? I say the least he can do is pay the phone bill. :-)