Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Race for the Presidency

The race for the presidency.
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How closely do you watch these races? Do you really know the messages the candidates want us to understand? Does it really matter who the President of the United States is? These are items I have been pondering lately.
The United States does not seem to be the all-powerful supreme nation it used to be. Other countries are much more prosperous and our light years ahead of the United States when it comes to technology and health care for the elderly. Does the United States still influence the ways others live?
I don't see the big rush for Levis and Nikes we once had from tourists. I am not sure if it is because we are becoming homogeneous or because it is not that important anymore to emulate Americans.
I think 9/11 contributed to much of this. The United States is now seen as vulnerable as other countries. We are no longer the teflon country. We are more likely to kill ourselves with guns on the streets than worrying about violence elsewhere. How did we get to this point? I blame part of it on egos of politicians and how the media contributes to this ego. It is more important how a politician looks and speaks than if they are qualified for the most important position in our land.
There are so many brilliant men and women in our country but they want nothing to do with politics. They don't want the past to be scrutinized. Who cares what one did in high school? Does it really contribute to what one can do for the country when he or she is middle-aged?
The media contributes by repeatedly showing what are considered faux pas like Hillary laughing a bit too hard or one of the men wearing the wrong type of tie. Unfortunately with the advent of the internet these issues are played over and over again on sites such as you tube.
I feel the only way we can gain respect for the position of the President of the United States is too take seriously qualification, including experience, character, and leadership. Let's leave the four hundred dollar haircuts to the celebrities. Let us encourage the best and brightest to run not the one with fewest gray hairs or nicest suit.

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