Saturday, April 28, 2007

Children's Sports

Sports Fans, you may be one or maybe not but I know you know more than one. This is the season we see the town fields crowded on Saturday mornings with children playing all kinds of sports. The benefits of course are exercise, learning teamwork, and having fun.

The problem begins when the game is no longer fun and the pressure to win overshadows the benefits previously stated. When the kids are just out there playing with their friends and learning new skills their faces beam with pride. When they lose and the parents go home with frowns the kids can pick up on that.

Let us stress to these children their accomplishments. Let us tell them how they improve each time they are out there and that we appreciate the way the work together towards a common goal. Do not promise them anything if they win. Treat them win or lose or better yet just a pat on the back may be all they need.

Let us not live through our children’s wins and losses. Let us live through their kindness and respect for others. Make sure they thank their coaches and assistants and refs. after every game and practice and make sure they shake the hands of their opponents.

The examples we set are the way our children learn.

If you would like to thank those coaches or surprise your budding athletes with a little something, I have the perfect items. These sports magnets are nice and strong and are great on the fridge to hold rosters, schedules etc. or for the kids’ lockers.

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