Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech

What happened at Virginia Tech is sickening. But we must remember it was the work of one sick individual. The world can be bad but it can also be a beautiful place. You have to find beauty in even the smallest things. When I go to a grocery store and see a baby smiling in a cart, my heart melts. When I see a man holding a door for a woman behind him, I think isn't that lovely. Please do go out more often. I think too many of us (myself included) spend too much time in front of our computers and are missing out in the beauty all around us. Don't be fearful, what will come will come.
A way we can all help is to get involved with children. I do it by substitute teaching and really listening to what the kids have to say. When they see me they give me a big hug and tell me I am the only one that lets them talk about issues. It would be great if we could all mentor one child and change the world one child at a time rather that stay in our homes, in our private worlds.
Ok enough preaching for today, I'm taking my kiddo out to lunch.
Have a great day everyone (no matter the weather)

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